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Loxo Champions

Playing matchmaker has its perks

You’re already a champion of Loxo — it’s about time you started getting recognized for it! 

The Loxo Champions program was created to thank our most dedicated users, partners, and influencers. Now, you can get rewarded for sharing your Loxo success stories with your network.

Send prospects our way — and for every referral you send us who ends up becoming a customer, you can receive a reward of up to $500*.

So if you really loved the 2005 film Hitch and have been waiting for your own matchmaking moment — or if you just really like making some extra cash — you know what to do.


*By submitting a lead, you agree to our Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Join the movement

Get paid for referrals

Make money every time a referral you send our way becomes a Loxo customer.

Grow your reputation

Partner with a trusted and innovative name in the recruitment world and showcase your expertise.

Expand your community

Learn from others, share your learnings, and expand your network by connecting with a diverse group of top recruiters from around the world.


Submit your referral

Simply fill out the form to provide us with your information and your referral’s.


Make an introduction

Introduce us to your referral. No one likes an unsolicited email, so this makes for a better experience.


You get paid

Once your referral becomes a customer, we’ll send a reward your way!

Benefits and rewards

Earn cash & swag for yourself, while also earning other rewards that benefit your company.

Cash or contract credit

Custom training

Loxo Swag

Podcast guest

Customer story

Become a Loxo Champion today

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